Residential Alarm Systems

Safeguard your property

Plexus understands that safeguarding your family is a high priority. With advanced and reliable technology and strategically placed sensors within your home we will have you fully covered.

The Plexus Security Systems use a combination of door and window sensors, glass break sensors and interior motion sensors to detect unauthorised entry. The code pad gives you full control over the system and allows viewing of all devices with ease.

Sensors on entry and exit doors have a delay time allowing you to leave and re-enter while the system is “Armed”. With specifically designed communicators, alarms can be immediately reported to an Alarm Monitoring Station.

Other Alarm products that Plexus uses include: Smoke Detectors, Remote Controls, Shock Sensors, Tamper Switches, Battery Back up and Siren and Strobe Lights.

Furthermore our main Control panels come in 3 forms which include a 4 Zone System and 8 Zone System a 12 Zone and a 16 Zone System giving you great flexibility amongst Alarm panel choices.

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