Commercial Alarm Systems

Safeguard your business and assets

Plexus understands that safeguarding your business and assets is a high priority.

With advanced and reliable technology and strategically placed sensors within your business we will have you fully covered. The Plexus Security Systems use a combination of door and window sensors, glass break sensors and interior motion sensors to detect unauth­orised entry. The code pad gives you full control over the system and allows viewing of all devices with ease.

Sensors on entry and exit doors have a delay time allowing you to leave and re-enter while the system is “Armed”. With specifically designed communicators, alarms can be immediately reported to an Alarm Monitoring Station. Other Alarm products that Plexus uses include: Smoke Detectors, Remote Controls, Shock Sensors, Tamper Switches, Battery Back up and Siren and Strobe Lights.

Furthermore our main Control panels come in 3 forms which include a 4 Zone System and 8 Zone System a 12 Zone and a 16 Zone System giving you great flexibility amongst Alarm panel choices.

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