24 Hour Monitoring

Total piece of mind

Plexus Security offer our clients 24 Hour Back to base Monitoring giving our clients a total piece of mind when they are away from home.

With experienced staff manning an A Grade Monitoring Centre we don’t fail. Plexus offer various types of Monitoring:

Dialler Monitoring – This type of monitoring is as the name describes; it is a “dialler” inside your alarm system. When it has to communicate its information to the control room, whether it be an alarm condition or an open/close signal, the dialler will pickup the telephone line and ‘dial’ our receiver with the information. A local call cost is incurred each time the dialler calls the control room.

GSM Monitoring – GSM is monitoring via the digital mobile telephone network. Its coverage can be anywhere in Australia where a mobile telephone can operate. The alarm’s primary communication path can be either via your normal telephone line or by G S M with the alarm system reverting to the other upon failure of the primary path. The alarm system is also programmable to poll at a regular interval to test the line integrity.

The alarm system transmits all information across this line with no local call charges incurred these are pre-paid with the monitoring service. If the telephone is taken off the hook for a period of time, the telephone lines are cut or there is a fault in the Telstra exchange, the alarm will not communicate any events, however, the Control Room will receive a Communications Failure and will act on it accordingly.

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